Our Bungee Jump is considered the highest in South-America. Its location is in our adventure park, 3,600 meters above sea level. The adventure begins by stepping into a cage suspended between two mountains through high resistance cables, who work as suspension bridges. The cage was exclusively designed just for us by our engineers, and it is lifted up to 122m. high thanks to a hydraulic winch. The jump is performed with a bungee cord especially meant for this activity, which is secured to the feet by ankle harnesses, meticulously fit for bungee jumping.

This bungee cord is principally designed for this activity and it works based on a limited quantity of jumps. Each jump is registered by our staff, letting us be sure of the exact cord’s usage according to the norms of security regulations. When the maximum limit jump number is achieved, we make sure the cord is completely destroyed and cut into pieces so it can’t be used ever again. Therefore, we can guarantee that our equipment is in perfect conditions. Additionally to the bungee cord, the customer carries a body harness assured with a security semi-elastic cord which is attached the cage. The semi-elastic cord can stretch to a maximum of 107 meters and has the capacity to resist over two tons impact.

This activity takes between 10 and 15 minutes approximately. It takes 3 minutes to the cage to go up 122 meters high, a few minutes for the jump, and a fewer more for the descent and at least 6 months to forget it. You will really enyoy it !!!!

Our bungee is recognized all over the world, we guarantee our customer’s security.

Working Schedule:

Sunday to Friday, from 9am to 1pm / 1:30pm to 5pm
Saturdays the park is closed due to maintenance.


– The order of jumps would be listed according to arrival
– Reservations should take place 24 hours in advance

It is not recommended to perform jumps under the following circumstances:

– Pregnancy
– Heart conditions
– Upper-lower joint injuries
– Back injuries.